These tutorials were primarily created for my students who wanted to go deeper into the practices of pranayama and meditation- to allow them time outside of the yoga class to practice the techniques in the comfort of their own home. We have also included a couple of physical asana practices here that you are welcome to enjoy.


This video talks about the kind of yoga practise we create at The Light Collective- an holistic practise where we work with breath, postures and energy to create deep states of meditation. And which can also be a bit silly.


This short practice is especially great for people who are working for themselves, work at home, or have an awesome workplace where it is OK to have a bit of a stretch! A chance to realign your energy and open up your body.

3 sun salutes

Moving through three of the basic flows, that when mastered will allow you to find ease and opening in any yoga vinyasa class. Traditional Sun Salute, Suriyar Namaskar A from the ashtanga primary series and Chandra Namaskar, the moon salute. Repeat on each side and complete 3-5 rounds of each sequence.



This video introduces some reasons why we practise pranayama and what it's benefits are.

uddiyana bandha

This is a powerful breath exercise that isn't often taught in classes. This tutorial gives you step by step instruction on how to practise this strong lock from a seated and standing position. Excellent practise to create fire, confidence and lift you out of flat moods and depression.

kapala bhati

This video is an introduction to Kapala Bhati Pranayama, a yogic breathing technique. If you are pregnant or unwell best to avoid this work, but if you are healthy it is a great way to increase vitality. Web Insta @_thelightcollective_ and @sianpascale FB The Light Collective by Sian Pascale



An instruction on Nadi Shodana- the alternative nostril breath. Giving you practical physical benefits as well as it's energetic effects


The victorious breath. A key breath that should be used during all asana practise, it is also very powerful as a practise on it's own. This breath is also known as the psychic breath as it can lead to very subtle states of mind.


A simple method for visualising the 6 of the 7 chakras of the body, and understanding the energetic channels of Sushumna, Ida and Pingala. Using deep and conscious breathing together with awareness we can bring our attention to the flow and movement of energy through these channels, becoming aware of blockages and allowing their easy and natural removal.