The Chakras Master Training

"I've always enjoyed the depth and practicality of Sian's trainings. The Chakras course was exceptional. From Sian's guidance, I was able to further hone my understanding of each Chakra which has now helped me delve deeper in my personal practice. I often use Sian's teachings from the course to help align myself to the changing environment and find physical and emotional balance. Sian has so much knowledge to share, yet she makes it very accessible to beginners and experienced teachers. 

I highly recommend her course to everyone from all walks of life. She is a kind and welcoming soul and anyone can benefit from her course."

- Yuting

The soulful master training

“My dedication to my self-practice and yogic path has just shifted up a few gears after spending three days in training with the incredible @sianpascale. Seriously! I am deeply grateful for this power house and energy worker for sharing what she does best. My friend, my teacher, my soul sister. Thank you!

I’m looking forward to unpacking this goodness and integrating it into my life, my practice and offerings.”

- Bec

Byron Bay retreat

"I really can't express my experience during this retreat as words don't do it justice. We have all been blessed to have spent the last few days in this otherworldly realm, where so much care and devotion has been poured into every detail, creating a sacred space to invite an opening and depth through the ancient wisdoms of so many practices. The opportunity to be able to tap into these practices in a supportive and grounded environment really allowed us to dive in with trust, knowing we were being held in experienced and loving hands. 

I have personally been able to explore new practices which have opened the cosmic doors to receive and understand on a new level. I will always be grateful to Sian, Nat, and Rosa, as well as my amazing group of yogis who have brought such love and joy to an already incredible experience. I take you all into my heart and into my daily life from here onwards.”

- Laura

dublin women’s circle

“Hi Sian, Dublin Women’s circle was my first ever and I have to say it was an amazing experience, being in such an open positive space , guided by you and provided by the other women there , made me feel incredibly safe and warm. Being in a very transitional period of my life this was exactly what I needed. I felt nervous going but I walked home with a smile on my face and feeling lighter than I had in weeks.”

- Sara

Events & Workshops

”During the first time I attended a yoga session with Sian (at the Soul Star Healers Hub), I felt that I'd gained a new, deeper and stronger connection to my mind and body that my yoga practice had been missing. Sian is an extraordinary teacher, bringing flow, spirit and magic to every class. Her monthly moon practices are a joy to attend and they are so well crafted, each one is unique and beautiful to participate in. Yoga is all about connection and Sian has a wonderful ability to draw a room full of strangers into complete unity. Thank you Sian for helping me grow my practice and fall in love with yoga all over again! “

- Ainsley

Events & Workshops

“From my first practice with you Sian I knew you were different. I remember walking away feeling clarity, connected and a sense of acceptance. You have taught me techniques that I use in my daily rituals and feel I've become a better person for it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, the love for your practice is infectious and I only want to learn more. For as long as you teach I will be your student. Your classes are so insightful and valuable, I strongly encourage and recommend anyone at any level to practice with you.”

- Patty 

Bali retreat

“I had the universe on my side when l was lucky enough to attend Sian's yoga retreat in Bali this month. Being fairly new to yoga l could not have been guided by a more experienced, passionate, knowledgable teacher! It has given me the perfect grounding to continue my yoga practice back home! There were so many layers of learning in the week with different yoga practices, chanting, breath work, healing, water temples, snorkelling, delicious traditional Balinese food and LOTS of laughs! 

Can't wait to go back again. Thank you Sian! I am grateful that our paths met.”

- Emily

The Chakras Master Training

“I attended your Chakra workshop last week and I wanted to send you a heartfelt thank you. It was a very inspiring and meaningful weekend for me. I am really grateful for your teachings and the opportunity it created to meet such interesting people. The experience has spurred my growing curiosity toward the energetic body and wanting to learn more.”

- Aimee

The soulful master training

“Creating the soulful practice was a game changer for me. I am deeply grateful for Sian’s generosity, her love and compassion and more so the space she created for a us all to move safely and deeply into our practice and teaching. The expansiveness of this three day training is packed full of Sian’s wisdom, knowledge, humour and life experience.
I’m looking forward to unpacking this goodness and integrating it into my life, my own practice and offerings.”

- Rebecca

Events & Workshops

“Hi Sian, Thank you for your beautiful classes. I really enjoy the way you distil your philosophy through your yoga sessions. I feel so peaceful, loving and focused on what I really am after each class. It truly give the strength to choose the (sometimes uneasy) path of happiness.Thank you for those powerful gifts.”

- Safiyeh

dublin women’s circle

“A sacred circle workshop with Sian is a truly uplifting, inspiring and magical experience. The wisdom and energy she brings to the many elements of meditation and yoga allow you to reawaken and connect with your feminine power. I came away feeling revitalised with a strong sense of joy and connection. I can not recommend it enough!!”

- Bronagh