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The Urban Goddess Day Retreat

  • Ireland - TBC Ireland (map)

An exploration into the Divine Feminine force, Shakti

This retreat immerses you in the sacred and mystical practices of the Goddess. Through story, yoga practice and meditation we can understand and learn to embody the force known as Shakti. This celestial feminine energy is all encompassing, vast and expansive- going far beyond the cliches our culture has prescribed as being 'female' or 'feminine.'

Shakti is the streaming tide of creation and fertility. She is the fiery maternal force and protectress. She is the lush earth, your strong legs and a grounded vision of truth. Her powers can flood your life with mystical vision and intuition, or can ripple like gentle waves of bliss in soft meditation.

Accessing her can be sensual, spiritual or native. But however you experience the power of Shakti you know one thing- to will be felt. Connecting to her is an experience of the body.


We will spend the morning: 

  • telling stories, 

  • sharing, 

  • practicing yoga, 

  • breathing, 

  • meditating

  • and clearing, through journalling and ritual. 

All of this makes way for the Divine Feminine energy, Shakti, to move through our bodies and minds. All of the practices we teach are designed for you to feel, sense and embody, the beauty, power and grace that it is to be supported and grounded by the Divine Feminine.


How our day will look:

  • 10:00am Arrival: releasing from your every day, be cleansed with white sage, essential oils and step step into a sacred space. Help yourself to tea and connect with the other women. Pull cards from the decks and settle in to the space or meditate

  • Welcome Circle 10:30am here we set the foundations for our retreat, discuss the myths and stories of the Divine Feminine and open our practice, binding the group.

  • 11:15 Our self practice and journey into embodying Shakti begins. Through fluid movement and yoga, powerful breath practices and meditations we discover what it means to embody the Goddess

  • 1:00pm Delicious, nourishing Lunch and teas, time for journalling and reflection

  • 2:00pm Circle and sharing and Goddess Connection practices

  • 2:45pm Final Relaxation meditation, diving deep into the inner realms and transcendent qualities of Shakti

These practices are all fully guided and held by Sian Pascale and Lucy Bloom. All levels and stages in life are welcome to this Day Retreat.



Date: Saturday 21 September 2019

Time: 10am- 3:30pm

Where: Dublin TBC

Cost: TBC

What to bring: Please bring your yoga mats, a cushion and a blanket for meditation. Feel free to bring crystals or any sacred object to contribute to the shrine.


Further Details & Booking Coming Soon

Testimonial -

”Be guided by the magnetic Sian and enjoy her refreshingly intuitive yet practical take on the spiritual philosophy of yoga. She has the type of energy that immediately soothes you and that quietly protects you.Her breathe work and chanting is fierce and her ability to facilitate you to create shifts in energy just simply needs to be felt. Her knowledge and understanding is second to none and Her teaching is Life changing. Just a stunning, shining light in my life. Namaste.“ - Natalie