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SOLD OUT Salon Feminine Paris

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Salon Feminine

In collaboration with Ilia Renon, this mini weekend Urban Retreat will be focusing on self love, self care and connecting to your sacred feminine. In this day and a half you will discover the rituals and self care basics that will bring healing possibilities for those on this path.

It is a special and sacred time to explore the different facets of the Divine Feminine Energy: creativity, gentleness, strength, sensuality, power, generosity. As part of this we discover the creative power of Shakti, that lies within all of us.

The Program Includes:
Yoga Classes: Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation (all levels welcome)
Embodiment Practices: Learning to listen to your body and it's needs
Chanting: Using sacred Tantric Mantra for their soothing power and the joy of group singing.
Relaxation: through guided Yoga Nidra
Journalling: The art of Self Reflection
Ayurveda: Teaching on ancient yogic self care practices.
Speech Circles: To advance and heal together

This is a moment for you, a circle of love during which time you can nourish your own inner flame and reconnect with yourself.

Where:  Paris, France
When: Saturday Sep 22nd 2pm-6:30pm, Sunday Sep 23rd 9am-6pm
Monergy exchange: 180 Euro

What to bring:
~ Mats and bolsters
~ Crystals or sacred objects to contribute to the shrine

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