Before we hold space for others, we need to hold space for our own bodies and understand the nuances of Shakti, the Divine Feminine, within ourselves. These Tantric techniques allow you to become intimately connected with the Divine Feminine, held within your own physical body. These yin spaces of the body; the womb, the heart and the mind- Swadhisthana, Anahata and Ajna chakras.

In this first training, Part 1- the Sacred Embodiment of Intimacy, we offer sacred and secret White Tigress Tantric Yoga Practices that are the foundation for all of our deep feminine trainings to come. These practices are not taught openly, or come free online, or can be found in books. These teachings are only passed down through initiation from teacher to student. They are part of a great lineage of Tantric teachings that spread from India into China and across cultures from yoga to Taoism. They are a beautiful and safe way for women to connect in to their bodies in a way that is sacred, powerful and deeply connected to the Divine Feminine.

These practices are an initiation into a self practice that:

  • Cleanses, heals and allows for release at the yoni (womb) and the heart

  • Strengthens the pelvic floor and brings energy, vibrancy and sensation to the yoni & breasts

  • Realigns you to your softness, the feminine soul

  • Connects you to the Sacred Mystery Shakti schools of the East

  • Brings you into your body, it’s divine potency, in a safe and sacred way

  • Introduces you to other women on this sacred path



    1. Connecting to the Heart Space- Anahata Chakra
    Initiation into Breast massage techniques

    Clearing debris and blockages at the heart, releasing and opening to love, softening into the beauty of the feminine. These massage techniques will be done over the top of a sports bra/ Bather top/ or singlet and include specific meditations, movements and breathing techniques.

    2. Connecting to the Womb- Swadhistana Chakra 
    Initiation into Yoni Massage techniques

    Releasing, softening and healing through the womb, clearing trauma, cleansing from past lovers energy and bringing vibrancy to the yoni. These are all external massages for around the womb space that include specific meditations, movements and breathing techniques.

    3. Connecting to Shakti- Swadhistana Chakra
    Initiation into Jade Egg techniques

    We will provide you with a certified Jade Egg and give instructions on how to use. It is up to you whether you choose to use the egg on the day (bathrooms are provided in the space) or whether you prefer to do the exercises without.


    All practices are done fully clothed and we recommend that you wear comfortable loose clothing, a singlet, and if you need, an elastic sports bra. We provide a completely safe and sacred space and none of the techniques are sexual in nature.


    We see these practices as fundamental for all women who are interested in understanding Tantra and the Divine Feminine as an experience within their own bodies.

    This practice is open to all women. You don’t have to be a teacher, you just need the desire to connect to your Divine Feminine Self.

    This training is also applicable to women who desire holding space for other women, for yoga and meditation teachers, so that these teachings can continue to be spread during a time of Divine Feminine expansion across the world.


“Sian is an embodiment of love and light. Her teachings are authentic, magnetic and transformative. She has the kind of energy that creates a safe space for deep shifts, a divine community and potent teachings. I felt held, powerful and loved. A deeply moving experience, one that needs to be felt by all.” - Sophie