Sadhana Month 9


Sadhana Month 9


Get ready for your Spiritual Spring Clean! This month we work with Breaking Free, Releasing and Burning Through Conditioning. When we step into the fire of Sadhana we are allowing all that is limiting us, our conditioned selves to burn away. When we allow this- what is left? Our truth, the bare soul, our vulnerabilities and strengths, our beauty. We work with the support of Ganesha, the deity that removes obstacles and Jupiter Planet of expansion and deep inner wisdom.

Your Daily Practice:

San Kalpa
Akasha Pranayama
Jupiter 1 Kriya
Jupiter 2 Kriya
Jupiter 3 Kriya
Breaking the Bondage Kriya
Shiva Breath 1

Meditation Practice
Kriya 1
Meditation (30 mins)
Gayatri Mantra x 6
Cardinal Directions

Afternoon/ Evenings
Meditation 15 minutes

Shaman Dream By Shamanic Music
Bad Karma by Axel Thesleff
Eternal Dance by Gabrielle Roth
Tsunami —Chaos by Gabrielle Roth
The Power is Here Now by Alexia Chellun

Other reading and Listening

Ram Das Here and Now Wp: 150 - Becoming Nobody
Insight into Jupiter in Vedic Astrology

Techniques on Video

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