Sadhana Month 7


Sadhana Month 7


This month our Sadhana is a set of practices that connects us to the teachings of the Bhagavad Ghita. I highly recommend you read this yogic classic (even if it’s just the kids version!) because the teachings of dharma, san kalpa, tapas, sadhana and consecrated action have all the more potency at this stage of the Mentorship Master Training. We drop into Manipura and Anahata, spaces of internal will and devotion to connect with Vishnu and Krishna energy. The act of internal empowerment and complete faith in ourselves and the practice is a beautiful space to tap into on a daily basis.

Your Daily Practice:

San Kalpa
Warm Up Breath (yogis choice)
Japa Maha Mantra- Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya (108 rounds)
Hatha Kriya- Seated (3+ mins)
Hatha Kriya- Standing (1-5 mins)
Virata (your choice of time)
Arjuna Kriya (90 seconds to 3 mins each side)
Chaitanya Kriya (your choice of time)
Shringara Kriya (your choice of time)

Meditation Practice
Kriya 1
Meditation (30 mins)
Gayatri Mantra x 6
Cardinal Directions

Afternoon/ Evenings
Meditation 15 minutes

Techniques on Video

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