Sadhana Month 6


Sadhana Month 6


The practices this month focus initially on a masculine energy- that of Shiva. An inner strength and warmth. The solar aspect, the light that brings joyousness and ease into our lives- once we work through the resistance! These Shiva practices are balanced with Shakti practices of movement release shaking and deep gratitude. Together they warm ourselves from the inside- connecting us to a natural state of bliss. In the cooler months these practices can really pay off- taking us out of inertia, depression and anxiety, allowing you to feel joy even when the sun isn’t out, you can feel it within yourself.

Your Daily Practice:

Warm up breath, yogi’s choice
1 minute breath (Sama Vrtti) 3-5 minutes
Boom Shankara 2 minute minimum
Shiva Kriya options:
Shiva Kriya 1 for 7 minutes OR
Shiva Kriya 2 for 7 minutes OR
Shiva Kriya 1 for 3 minutes and Shiva Kriya 2 for 3 minutes
Inhale retention for 2-3 minutes
Virata 5 minutes
Dancing to a great song
Amrita Pranayama 4 minutes

Meditation Practice
Kriya 1
Gayatri Mantra x 6
Cardinal Directions

Afternoon/ Evenings
Meditation 15 minutes

Playlist Ideas
Lhoste by Deuter
Shiva Tandava Stotram by Uma Mohan
Golden Morning Light by Casino Versus Japan
Didgeridoo - Buddha Bar Edit by The Aboriginee Tribe
Eyes Closed and Traveling by Peter Broderick

Techniques on Video

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