Sadhana Month 5


Sadhana Month 5


This month we begin work with the White Tantric Practice. As this is not an initiation into the full practice it’s recommended to view it as a personal practice and an insight into Tantra, rather than something we would recommend you teach. The White Tantric practice focuses on the Chakras and the energetic body. Remember that the most important thing in this practice is the awareness of your mind. Don’t allow yourself to wander off to distracted thoughts- stay focused on the energy and sensations as we awaken the chakras through practice.

Your Daily Practice:

White Tantra warm ups
Asana Practice
Tantric Expansive Meditation (See the Soulful Master Training Booklet)

Meditation Practice can be done before or after the White Tantra Practice
Kriya 1
Gayatri Mantra x 6
Cardinal Directions

Afternoon/ Evenings
Meditation 15 minutes

Techniques on Video

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