Sadhana Month 3


Sadhana Month 3


This is a sadhana designed to balance as well as transcend, there is a strong sense of uplifting and moving into awakening, preparation for deeper meditations. We focus on the movement of energy through two of the Vayus- Prana and Apana, as well as balancing Shiva and Shakti, Masculine and Feminine.

Your Daily Practice:

Prana Apana Kriya (min 3 minutes)
Prana Shakti 1 (90 seconds)
Prana Shakti 2 (90 seconds)
Shiva Shakti Kriya (4 minutes)
Cosmic Breath 1 (8 minutes)

Kriya 1 (6 rounds)
Morning Guru Mantra Meditation (30 minutes)
Gayatri Mantra x 6
Acknowledging the Cardinal Directions

Afternoon/ Evenings
Medicine Buddha Mantra Kriya (6 minutes)
Evening Guru Mantra Meditation 15 minutes

Techniques on Video

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