Sadhana Month 10


Sadhana Month 10


As we move closer towards the end of the year, having moved and shifted through so much, we start to refine our consciousness through the use of more subtle practices. This month has been created to elevate through Mantra and Shunya. To allow ourselves to experience these deep moments of stillness. To really understand and embody the power of mantra and the energetic forces and deities connected to them.

Your Daily Practice:

San Kalpa
Japa Mala Gayatri x 108
Moorchitta Pranayama 5min+

Meditation Practice
Kriya 1
Meditation (30 mins)
Maha Mrtyunjaya Mantra x 6
Cardinal Directions

Afternoon/ Evenings
Japa Deity Mantras
Shiva Shakti 2 9-15mins
Meditation 15 minutes (Optional)

Techniques on Video

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