Sadhana Month 2


Sadhana Month 2


This month the practices shift us to a different energy, we take the fire and power we have cultivated in the first month and now start to soften and ground. We move into experiencing subtleties in the energy bodies, cleansing and clearing through mantra, breath and meditation.

By the end of this month everyone should be initiated into Kriya 1- a kriya that refines the energetic pathways and one that should be used before the start of your morning meditation.

We also move into a new style of meditating- through mantra and through our own personal practice learn to teach this to our students as well.

Your Daily Practice:

Nadi Shodana Variation 1 (1-3 mins each side)
Lama Pranayama Kriya (12 full rounds)
Flowering Lotus Kriya (approx 4mins)
Chakra Balancing Kriya (around 5-8mins)

Kriya 1 (6 rounds)
Morning Guru Mantra Meditation (30 minutes)
Gayatri Mantra x 6

Morning or Day time (optional)
Prana Vayu 2 minutes +
Warrior Breath 1, 2,3 for about 10 rounds
(5 mins approx)

Afternoon/ Evening:
Prakasha Pranayama (7 mins)
Evening Guru Mantra Meditation 15 minutes

Playlist Ideas:
’Opening’ by Wah! Album: Sivasana
’Diving in the Air’ by Dhafer Youssef, Album: Diwan of Beauty and Odd
’Returning’ by Jennifer Berezan, Album: Yogawoman

Techniques on Video

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