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Solstice & Equinox practices


Solstice & Equinox practices

held every 3 months, These workshops celebrate the changing seasons

Our ancestors understood that our life’s path and spiritual journey cycles with nature. Ancient wisdom recognised four major moments on the celestial calendar: Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. The Light Collective curates experiences that connect people with the rhythms of the natural world; the sun, the moon, the planets, the tides and the earth, so that they can experience their connectedness with all things. Through the solstice and equinox events we tune into the cyclical patterns of mother nature and celebrate the coming season. Through ancient traditions and sacred space, we acknowledge and tune into the outside world as an individual and community. This is an opportunity to expand, connect and rewild.

The students who participate in these sessions are a mix of ages and are all at different stages of their lives and their yoga practices. Each practice is different but can include:

  • Yoga and energy practices

  • Philosophy and wise stories

  • Guided meditations, Yoga Nidra and relaxation

  • Crystal bowl and sound healing

  • Sharing circles and sacred space

  • Chanting


Spring Equinox

Marking a shift from the cooler months towards the warmer months, it's a time to reset, unfurl and expand our bodies and minds with new routines and rhythms. Wake up from the heaviness of Winter and move stagnant energy, in order to revitalise with the abundance of Spring.

Summer Solstice

An energetic opening that truly celebrates Prana, life force, and reminds us of our own inner light. The sun represents heat and movement, that we cultivate in our lives through yang energy.  Summer draws you outside and creates this sense of awakening.

Autumn Equinox

This poignant moment signifies the astrological end to the heat and vibrancy of Summer, and an opening towards a time of shedding and change. Releasing through softness, as the expression of energy moves from an outer yang state to a more inner yin state. It is a time to retreat, clear and let go.

Winter Solstice

A pivotal time that not only signifies the longest night of the year, but the rebirth of the sun. This period brings contemplative and restorative downtime for the body and mind, the rest and digest we crave for balance in our vitality.