PRIVATE classes


MENTORING AND PRIVATE Classes allow you to get the personalised attention that isn't always possible in a large group class. From her private studio in St Kilda you can receive one on one instruction and guidance on ANY aspect of yoga you are wanting to develop.

Sian Pascale creates a personalised session that is completely built around your needs. It can include anything from:

  • How to create or develop your home practice

  • Advice and guidance for new yoga teachers

  • Knowledge and support for newer students

  • Rituals and practices that align with the natural cycles

  • Activating and incorporating the chakras

  • Kundalini yoga

  • Feminine tantric practices

  • Self care rituals and practices

  • Alignment and assistance in yoga postures

  • Yin yoga and relaxation techniques

  • Pranayama and breathwork

  • Saging and energetic cleansing

  • Crystal bowls and sound healing

  • Mantra and chanting

  • Meditation techniques and practices

  • Yoga nidra

  • Astral work

  • Yogic philosophy

Feel free to discuss your needs with her via email, or book an appointment now.


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