playlist SERIES


The following playlists have been gathered from our Full Moon Yoga Practices. The intention behind sharing these playlists is for you to be able to listen to the music even if you aren’t able to physically attend the practices, or to even use the music as inspiration to create your own practice at home. These playlists contain sacred songs that we hope can bring light and inspiration to your day.

earth full moon

This playlist will assist you in connecting to the earth element. Perhaps you are needing to ground or simply listen to primordial sounds that bring a sense of rawness and earthiness. You can also use this playlist when the Moon is positioned in an earth sign: Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo. This earth energy is also represented by Muladhara -root chakra. This energy can also help with feeling supported and connected.

WATER full moon

Enjoy this playlist when you are wanting to bring more flow to your life. Whether you are needing to overcome obstacles, process feelings and express yourself. Or when the Moon is positioned in a water sign; Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio. The energy of water is also represented by Svadhisthana -sacral chakra. This energy can also help with creativity and sensuality.


fire full moon

Use this playlist to uplift and shift your energy. Perhaps you are wanting to connect to your personal power and need music that inspires you to take action. Whether that be physically with movement, powerful breath-work, or journaling thoughts, these sounds can aid us in releasing all that no longer serves us. This can also be used when the Moon is positioned in a fire sign; Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. The energy of fire is also represented by Manipura -solar plexus charka. This energy can also help us take accountability for the direction of our life.


This playlist was created to provide the feeling of lightness. The perfect playlist if you need to relax, pause and take a breath after a busy day. You can also use this playlist to accompany a slower paced practice or meditation. In addition to the Moon being positioned in an air sign; Aquarius, Gemini or Libra. The energy of air is also represented by Anahata -heart chakra. This energy can also help us connect to all things, as well as the feeling of spaciousness and love.