We believe in a holistic practise that allows you to experience yoga through all of the ancient
practises. In every experience we create, we channel a different intention, in this way every
practise combines these traditional yogic methods differently, creating a unique experience
every time.


Yoga Asana - Postures and Flows

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Moving the body into specific positions is so important, not just to give us buff bodies and great Instagram pictures, but because every posture creates openings in our energy channels and allows us to connect to source energy. Whether its a gentle yin posture, or a powerful kundalini kriya, the asana are efficient and powerful tools for shifting energy.

Traditional Sun Salute Video


Pranayama - Breathwork

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A practise fundamental to every class, pranayama is the key to lifting and shifting energy. Over time and with practise pranayama allows us to cultivate energy, bring a sense of peace to the mind, vitality to the body, and higher states of awareness to the very core of our being.

Introduction to Pranayama Video


Mantra - Chanting

The Light Collective by Sian Pascale

The chanting of mantra is such a special part of yoga as it has the magical ability to both clear the mind and bring a lightness to the heart (you might not start dressing like a Hare Krishna but you may start getting why they’re so happy...!) It is a practise that draws upon the Ancient Yogic teachings that are thousands of years old. Chanting of slokas and mantras connects in to the idea that everything in the Universe is made up of vibration, much like quantum physics is now. When we chant mantra we connect in to, and resonate with, divine vibration, creating within us a sense of peace and focus.



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Many people love the idea of meditation, but so often it can feel so hard. So many thoughts! So many other more important things to do! Rather than struggle to force meditation to happen, we allow it to arise naturally from our yogic practises, so that a blissful and peaceful state of mind becomes an effortless outcome from the work that we do in the class.


Yoga Nidra - Yogic Sleep

The Light Collective Yoga

You are not actually meant to fall asleep in Yoga Nidra, but let’s just say it’s not surprising to hear a few snores during this guided relaxation meditation. The power of Yoga Nidra is derived from ancient Tantric practises, and the relaxation moves you so deeply into the subconscious mind that it has the power to dissolve negative states of mind, release deep rooted stresses and can even lead to a connection to the astral body. A powerful tool to connect to your deepest self.


Tantra, Kundalini Shakti- Working with Energy and the Chakras


Every practise we do is about connecting you to your energy, and our classes often guide you to connect with the 7 main energy centres in the body- known as the chakras. The yogic breathwork, postures and meditations we use are all part of an ancient Tantric framework that encourages the movement and unblocking of energy between the chakras to bring freedom the mind and into our lives.

Moving Through the Chakras with the Breath



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Connection to Natural Rhythms, Cycles and the Elements is the focus of many of our Workshops and Retreats. In the not so distant past, our daily rhythms were intertwined with the energy of the Earth, the Planets and the Stars. Living in urban centres has completed disconnected us from the Natural Cycles of the world around us and as a result our own bodies are falling apart. Many people today cannot sleep properly, digest their food, or find real physical connection to others. Now we’re not encouraging you to throw away your computer (just yet!) but rather, we use our teachings to demonstrate the importance of plugging in to the Natural World as fundamental link to human happiness.


Ayurveda and Self Care

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The yogic teachings around nurturing and self care rituals are a fundamental part of the work we do, and they are often part of the focus in our Women’s Circles and our Retreats. These Ayurvedic (The Indian Science of Life) principles are as much a part of the yoga teachings as the postures and breath are. Through habits such as dry brushing, massage and eating for your specific body type we can create healthy lives through being compassionate and loving to our bodies.