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new moon sacred women’s circleS

These Monthly Practices have been held across the world in the UK, Europe and Australia

The ancient ritual of women gathering at the New Moon, to support one another and share sacred space is a custom that in modern times women have been disconnected from. That yearning to find empowerment from a space of the feminine, is seen in the new movement of Women’s Circles across the world and this phenomenon of female connection is what we are celebrating in these monthly workshops. Each month we honour the potent energy of the New Moon by holding a Sacred Women’s Circle.

The New Moon isn’t visible in the night sky, and the darkness of the night has long been seen as potent, a metaphorical blank canvas. It signifies the beginning of a new cycle, a fresh start, time to manifest your desires and bring about new intentions into your life. Energetically it is a time where you can create space to support and nourish the creative element in yourself, to refill your own cup and make time to connect with the natural world and yourself. Every month our workshops are different, as the moon and it’s astrological position shifts, and we work with practices that align with what energy each one brings.

Our two hour workshops allow you to fully relax and feel supported by like-minded women in a beautiful setting. Together we discover and align ourselves with the energy of the New Moon through:

  • Yoga flows,

  • Energy shifting breath work,

  • Kundalini and tantric feminine practices (safe and guided)

  • Guided meditations and crystal bowl sound healing,

  • Sharing of ancient stories and myths,

  • Speaking Circles

  • Journaling and reflection

  • Time to connect over tea, fruits and raw treats

  • An overload of good vibes


“This was an evening where I was able to relax back into the sensual and flowing part of myself…to be supported by the nurturing presence of feminine energy, and to be reminded of my own divinity… Thank you Sian” - Bei