Scorpio Full Moon and Vesak

Friday 17th May 2019

Here is what The Light Collective team is doing for this month’s Full Moon

Sign: Scorpio
Time: May 19, 07:11, Melbourne

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Every month when we take time create ritual for the Full Moon, we start to attune to the subtleties of cosmic vibrations. The mid-point of our 29 day lunar cycle is marked by the Full Moon. During a Full Moon, the Moon is sitting opposite the Sun and is fully illuminated as it reflects the light of the Sun. The frequencies emanating from the moon influence the tides, and all life forms on Earth, including human behaviour & consciousness.

The Sun and the Moon are also sitting on opposing each sides of the zodiac, which can make for a challenging or intense aspect of energy. This month the earthy Taurus Sun sits opposite the deep and Intense Scorpio Moon. The moon’s nature is already related to our dark, watery, emotional self. So when combined with these similar elements found in Scorpio, the emotions can feel multiplied, the double power of Scorpio and the Moon. If we let the emotions overwhelm us, when combined with Earthy Taurus Sun the results can have us feeling stuck, like in MUD.

The key to this month is to move, to find some fire to transmute negative feelings, heavy emotional states, and intensity. This alchemical process of transmutation can be felt through fiery pranayama like Kapala Bhati and Uddhiyana Bandha. The key to this Moon is DON’T LET YOURSELF WALLOW. Create some fire to shift the energy. Once you have shifted out of negativity you have the space to sit in the positive aspects of this energy:

  • By feeling into the flow of your life and your body,

  • By embracing the beauty of all emotions,

  • And by tapping into the deep reserves of love within us all, heightened by the cosmic energies.

Sian Pascale on Vesak

Vesak is an auspicious day on the spiritual calendar as it marks the day that the Buddha was born, the day he became enlightened at age 35, and the day he died at age 80. For those wanting to tap into the energy of the Buddha and he teachings we can do so in several ways.



  • Greed, anger and hatred, these negative states of mind hinder us on the path to happiness.

  • We can try and clear our minds at this time of these emotions- heating yoga practices like Kundalini help move us out of anger into more peaceful states

  • Writing out what we are angry about and burning it, to release it.

  • Gazing at a candle flame, Trataka Meditation. A reminder of the light within, a cleansing practice. After several minutes of gazing at the nature of the flame in a darkened room, close the eyes and focus on the flame behind the closed eyes.

The Sangha

  • An important aspect of the Buddhist teachings is to spend time with your spiritual community- your Sangha.

  • On this Full Moon ensure you are surrounded by people with good intentions and positive energy, those who support you on the spiritual path.

The Dharma and your Dharma

  • The Dharma is the teachings. If you can take time to listen to spiritual teachings, if you can’t attend a practice do so online, on youtube or a podcast. Even reading a spiritual book. The teachings don’t have to be specifically Buddhist, take time to connect with that Divine that your heart searches for.

  • Connect with your Dharma, your soul’s purpose, why you are here on this planet now. This isn’t your vocation, it is the drive behind all of your decisions, every aspect of your life that you are creating. Be clear in your Dharma and be supported by the energy of the Buddhas who have gone before us.

What The Light Collective Mentor Students are saying

The full moon in Scorpio (water sign) is a time to delve deep into our emotions.  It is a powerful time for releasing, cleansing, and transforming our lives.  This is a time to peel back the layers in order to see things as they really are.  By giving ourselves permission to really let go we begin to live up to our full potential.  This practice firstly aims to release negativity stored in the cells and tissues of our body creating a space to feel and see, then we start to open up the hips, move energy and then transcend energy upwards.”

- By Kathy Peterson, you can find more of Kathy @kathypeterson78 

Kathy’s Sacred Practice

Fists of Anger Kriya

This kriya releases negative emotions from the body.

  • Sitting in a comfortable seat 

  • Bring thumb to base of little finger and wrap fingers over to create fists

  • One at a time swing each fist over the head (similar to a backstroke action)

  • The breath is on and out through an O shaped mouth 

  • Continue for 3mins.

  • At the end of the 3 minutes interlace hands overhead and stretch tall. Inhale through the O shaped mouth and hold for 10 seconds, exhale through O shaped mouth. Repeat twice more.

  • Relax arms down and feel the response of the body.

Slow flow 

This flow aims to open the hips and awaken swadhisthana chakra.

  • Cat and cow with knees slightly wider than hips, move into hip circles, neck circles and start to flow freely in any way the body is asking for.

  • Come into down dog and then rolling into a high plank, hover the knees off the floor and scoot hips back and up – move though these poses again in a fluid, wave like action.

  • Lift right leg up to a 3 legged dog, open the hip, step foot outside right hand – hold the stretch or can choose to rock the hips gently, back to down dog and change sides.

  • Lift right leg up to a 3 legged dog, squeeze knee to nose x3 then step foot inside right hand – rise up to crescent lunge, open to warrior 2, reverse warrior come down to skandasana then to low lunge, then back to down dog. Change sides.

  • Forward fold at top of mat, roll to stand, receptivity pose. 

  • Finish with a relaxation sivasana.

Sian Pascale