Sagittarius Full Moon - Yoga Movement & Meditation

Monday 17th June 2019

Here is what The Light Collective team is doing for this month’s Full Moon

Sign: Sagittarius
Time: June 17, 18:30, Melbourne


Why do we connect with the moon? Firstly, it’s about tuning in with natural rhythms and cycles. Before the modern Gregorian calendar, the months were marked by the moons. Agriculture and harvest festivals worked around the lunar and solar cycles. Our lives today a marked by our phone calendars and appointments. When we look to the moons rhythm we create a shift away from the masculine Western organised world, where every moment is diarised and has to be productive, to a more Feminine rhythm in our lives that is connected to the natural world.

During a Full Moon, the Moon is sitting opposite the Sun and is fully illuminated as it reflects the light of the Sun. The frequencies emanating from the moon influence the tides, and all life forms on Earth, including human behaviour & consciousness. The Sun and the Moon are also sitting on opposites sides of the zodiac, which can make for a challenging or intense aspect of energy (you know how you feel a lil cray cray around the Full Moon? Yep. This is why). This month the Full Moon is sitting in Sagittarius and the sun is sitting in Gemini.

Sian Pascale on the Sagittarius Full Moon

Sagittarius is the adventurer, an optimistic, expansive, and free visionary. Together with its planet Jupiter it encourages the vibration of abundance, joy, light and fulfilment- that is if we are awaken and open to expand into it. This adventuring spirit is inviting you to expand yourself- to transcend your own limitations and every-day thinking mind.

The planet Jupiter is also connected to creativity and fertility, the space of the sacral chakra and the womb. This is combined with the Full Moon being aligned with the centre of the Milky Way, known by many ancient cultures as the Womb of the Great Mother. You don’t have to be a woman to experience this Cosmic Womb. In yoga it is called Hirenyagarba and it represents the void from which all creation comes, an empty space filled with infinite possibility. We all have the ability to drop into a state of still emptiness from which a pure creativity emerges. In tonights practice I invite you to find this space within.

Source unknown, please tell us!

Source unknown, please tell us!


  • Light a candle, some incense, have with you some fresh flowers/ greenery you picked today, paper, pen and a bowl you can burn paper in. Make sure you have some sacred time and space for yourself.

  • Consecrate.

  • Begin with a moment of reflection. Just as the Full Moon is a reflection of the sun’s light, we take a moment to reflect back over the first half of the year. Remember all that you have achieved and been through and the changes and growth.

  • Now think about the next 6 months of Moon Cycles to come. Write out what you would like to create in the next 6 months.

  • On a separate piece of paper write out all of those things that are limiting you from achieving your dreams. They could be self limiting beliefs or physical limitations.

  • Now set alight those limitations with the candle you have lit and watch as they burn in the bowl you have prepared. Focus on the burning, and use this image of release when any of those limitations come in your way over the next 6 months.

  • Now sit in meditation. Bring the hands into Hirenyagarba Mudra: all fingertips touching, creating a circle between fingers and thumbs. Take that circle and place it in front of the sacral chakra or the womb. Connecting us to the Cosmic Womb both within and external from us.

  • Repeat now silently the mantra: Aham Brahmasmi an awakening of creative consciousness. When thoughts arise come back to this mantra. Continue to internally recite the mantra for 5 minutes. Then let go of the mantra, but keep your awareness focussed. Pure awareness with no anchor. The Cosmic Womb, allowing yourself to drop into a state of stillness and pure potential.

  • When you come out of this state read again over your manifestations for the next 6 months.

  • Seal your practice with 3 rounds of Om.

What The Light Collective Mentor Students are saying

In Astrology, the Moon is considered a planet. It moves through the sky and passes through the zodiac signs every month.

While most people are familiar with their Sun sign, many people are unaware of what their Moon sign is. Why is knowing this aspect of this so important? Because The Moon is our astrological home, and it relates to our intuition, our emotions and how we feel in ourselves. 

No matter what your Moon sign is, we are all honorary Sagittarians when the Moon moves through this sign  on June 17th. The energy of Sagittarius is very expansive, free, and visionary. Your mind will start considering all the possibilities of a situation rather than just focusing on the potential blocks.

A Sagittarius Moon will renew your sense of adventure, and you could have the desire to pick something and just go for it. Sagittarius loves the idea of expanding horizons. Travelling Internally and opening up to possibility.

Manifest. Cultivate.”

- By Nat @theprez_tlc & Poppy @om_chi_reiki

High Energy Movement & HAR Mantra - Heart Space

This practice is to uplift, liberate and connect with Anahata (heart centre). Working with the sound HAR, this mantra is medicine, invokes fearlessness and removes negativity.

To begin find your sacred space, this can be the living room, kitchen, your bedroom - you don’t need a yoga mat, just give yourself room to move. Play your favourite high energy song with a good beat. This is a free movement practice.

  • To begin, tune into the song and start to move. Take the hips from side to side, soft bend in the knee, loosen the shoulders, reach the arms, relax the jaw and smile! Feel into your body and move intuitively to release, be as expressive as you desire. You can jump. DANCE IT OUT! SHAKE IT OUT!

  • Start to repeat the mantra HAR the mantra of the Goddess, grounding, the Divine.

  • Take the arms overhead, jump and swing the arms downward each time you repeat HAR (Repeat the mantra 10 - 20 times)

  • Begin to Slow down

  • Place your hands on your heart, feel into this space and your strong heartbeat.

Slow Movement & Qi Energy - Heart Space

This practice is to centre, nourish and support Anahata (heart centre)

Staying in the sacred space you have created, begin to play your favourite soft, slow song. Start to sway!

  • To begin, close your eyes down and tune into your heartbeat (option to place your hands over your heart)

  • Fold forward with knees bent and rise with arms by your side, repeat 3 times.

  • Take a soft gaze or close the eyes down, fold forwarded again this time scoop up Qi like a ball. As if gathering silvery moonlight, think of somebody you love and bring the ball up the body and into the heart space. Rising to stand, open and expand your arms up, spread the fingers wide.

  • Repeat the Qi movement, folding forwarded, bringing the ball up and arms overhead. This time think of somebody who is hard to love.

  • On this final round, arms wide as you scoop Qi to rise, sending love to yourself.  

  • Taking hands to your heart, spread that feeling of love through your whole self, embody this feeling.

Sian Pascale