Libra Super Moon and Autumn Equinox - Yoga and Meditation

By Alize Lily
Thursday 21st March 2019

Here is what The Light Collective team is doing for tonight’s Full Moon. Rituals to connect you with the Air sign Libra.

libra moon.jpeg

We will be aligning ourselves with the Super Full Moon in Libra as well as the Autumn Equinox. Astrologically we have entered a new cycle because we now begin again with the Sun back in it’s first sign of Aries at 0 degrees. This rare astrological combination means there is a potent portal that can offer an energy that gives a multitude of possibilities for deep healing, shedding, clarity, wholeness and new beginnings. This is the last Super Moon in a string of three that we have had since the start of the year. Under these three Super Moons, we have been encouraged to tune into our intuition and to purge and release all that we feel is holding us back. These Super Moons have been energetically and emotionally intense because they are preparing us for a new chapter that is ahead. In the Southern Hemisphere, Autumn signifies a time of death. It is perhaps one of the most meaningful times of the year as it reminds us of the powerful cycle of death and rebirth. Autumn is a time where the expression of energy moves from an outer ‘yang’ state to a more inner ‘yin’ state. It is a time where we are encouraged to retreat within and begin clearing and letting go of things from our lives. This combined with the energy of a Full Moon in the sign of Libra means we are entering themes around balance and the relationships we have with others and ourself. It is asking us to really turn inwards and assess how we can balance the self; mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. There are so many aspects of our lives that need consideration so that we don't suffer from depletion, now is the time to get clear with how you can better manage your energy.

If you couldn’t join us for our Full Moon & Autumn Equinox yoga practice, we encourage you to practice a sacred ritual to align with this phenomenal energy. It is the perfect time to create stillness, as well as to release negative energy, anger and grief in aid of personal healing and development. With the Moon in airy harmonious Libra and Sun in fiery courageous Aries take this opportunity to gain control of your life and pursue your truest heart desires.

Sian Pascale on Tonight’s Full Moon

Our ancestors understood that our life's path and spiritual journey cycles with nature. Ancient earth based wisdom recognised the 4 major moments of the celestial calendar- the Summer and Winter Solstice and the Autumn and Spring Equinox. When we celebrate and mark an equinox or a Full Moon, we are shifting the way we perceive nature, time and our own spiritual journey. When we bring our attention towards Gaia's rhythms and the celestial movements of planets, the Sun and the Moon, our own understanding of the personal path we tread deepens. We begin to recognise how we shift as Divine beings in physical form with the shift of vibration around us.

The Libran Full Moon brings us to question our relationship with others and also our inner relationship to our deepest self. The Full Moon heralds a watery emotional vibration, the airy quality of Libra awakens the heart. You may feel tears, deep compassion and an intensity of feeling. The Autumn leaves mark a moment of loss- releasing Summer, letting go in the heart, brings with it the invitation towards forgiveness. Forgiveness of others and mostly the self.

There is so much freedom to be found in forgiveness, it releases us and awakens the purity of the Heart space. A beautiful place to begin the start of the astrological year- Fresh, Clean, Unstruck, Pure and Open. The real meaning of Anahata, The Heart Chakra.


Sacred Practice

  • Find a quiet space, make it comfortable and sacred.

  • Light a candle and incense. Create a small shrine, if you can bring in nature, some Autumn leaves or flowers. Anything that holds some sacred meaning.

  • Begin seated with some pranayama- even simple taking long deep inhales and exhales into the chest opens and awakens the heart.

  • Set your intention for practice.

  • Lie down and awaken the heart with gentle taps and massaging, then relax the hands and allow the whole body to relax.

  • Whilst in that relaxed state bring to mind someone in your life who you would like to forgive. Acknowledge in your mind the hurt they caused you. Acknowledge their pain, suffering and ignorance in how they have hurt you. Take a deep inhale and as you exhale out of the mouth let go of that hurt and free yourself of their burden. Continue to breath in this way until you start to feel like you are letting go. Perhaps repeat silently 'I forgive you.'

  • Then send out a prayer to that person, wishing they find happiness and freedom from suffering.

  • You can do this with as many people as you need. Including yourself. Forgiving yourself for the hurt you have caused others and yourself.

  • Finish by coming to a seated position and visualising the cool white light of the moon filling your body. Bring in the abundance and beauty with this light. Fill yourself up.

What The Light Collective Mentor Students are saying

“The Full Moon in Libra 21st March, 1.42am, marking the Autumn Equinox, allows us to release the heat and fire created over the Summer months. As the Autumn leaves fall from the trees, this beautifully represents "the letting" go of parts of ourselves that no longer serve us, making room for fresh ideas and growth.

Ruled by the planet Venus and governed by the element of air, the Libran full moon will be a welcome sigh of relief; bringing with it love, creativity, freedom and a desire to serve others.

It brings forth a strong focus on partnerships, love, balance and harmony. This is a time to reach out and connect with others, cultivating a balance between giving and receiving and allowing others into your world. 

Libra acts like a bridge between two worlds, bringing both sides of the track together. We are all connected and bound by love. The energy of this full moon will encourage us to take responsibility of self by being conscious of our perceptions and the way we communicate with others and with nature.

This is the last super moon in a string of three since the start of the year, making it the perfect time for articulating creative ideas via writing or public speaking, leading to further connections and expansions. 

Breathe that beautiful, crisp, Autumn fresh air into your lungs and basque in the loving luminosity of the Libra Full Moon!” - By Emma Cartwright @emma_cartwrightyoga and Hayley Uberti @hayleydanceandyoga

Sacred Practice

Emma and Hayley invite you to follow this partner yoga practice;

  • Start by sitting with your partner back to back and simply breath and feel into the connection of the heart, perhaps you feel each others heart beat and the gentle rise and fall of the breath. 

  • Making shapes with friends is perfect for connecting and assisting each other into some forward folds, twists and back bends.

  • Turn to face one another for some loving eye gazing. This allows us to connect on a deep level. The eyes being the mirror of our souls.

  • Complete with the Bija (seed sound) of Anahata (heart chakra) of 3 rounds of "Yam". Feel into this light airy vibration.

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Sian Pascale