Leo Super Blood Moon Eclipse - Yoga and Meditation

By Alize Lily
Monday 21st January 2019

Here is what The Light Collective team is doing for tonight’s Full Moon. Rituals to connect you with the fire sign Leo.


Tonight we will be aligning ourselves with the ultra potent energy of the Super Full Blood Moon in Leo... We will not experience another of these until 2021. A Super Moon is known for it’s potency as it is much closer to the Earth than a normal Full Moon. A Blood Moon occurs when we have a Total Lunar Eclipse and the Moon assumes a reddish hue from the Earth- energetically signalling a time for rebirth, renewal and release from our shadow aspect. If you aren't joining us for our Wild Outdoor Full Moon event tonight, we encourage you to practice a sacred ritual. This Full Moon is the perfect time to access your intuition and self-guidance, as there is an intensity of energy. Eclipses amplify this energy by shining a light on our soul’s purpose, and also those parts of our self that often remain hidden, the shadow self.

Sian Pascale on Tonight’s Full Moon

The Leo full moon is a firey full moon - the fire inviting us to cleanse and clear and release. Cleansing is a necessary part of our life, the detoxing and decluttering in our lives and selves is necessary in order for us to reassess what we want and need and to help us to continue to transform and grow. Cleansing happens primarily in two of our chakras- Manipura, the navel centre and seat of fire and Vishuddha, the throat centre and our ability to process everything we consume. These two yang centres in our body when aligned connect us to an internal power of authentic expression- like the Lion Leo in full force.


Sacred Practice

  • Set the tone, settle and relax, find some peaceful music and chant 3 rounds of Om.

  • Work with fire tonight, either candles or use a bowl and set alight a list of what you want to detox from.

  • Awaken your Navel energy centre with 1 minute of Kapala Bhati Breath.

  • Awaken your Throat energy centre with 2 minutes of Ujjaiyi Breath.

  • From this energise space, find a mode of self expression, a moment to be free to express yourself fully. Writing, dancing, singing, crying, moving- whatever feels completely authentic and truthful to you.

  • Close your practice with a small prayer of gratitude.

What The Light Collective Mentor Students are saying

For me, the bright, primal Leo leads with the heart for love and authenticity. This Full Moon brings a reminder to be true to yourself. So give in to being you in a whole sense and let light fill you with joy. My personal meditations have opened with the fire of the belly to ignite creativity and energy that migrates to the heart space for balance in love with open expression. By Aimee Wood

Sacred Practice

Aimee invites you to follow this gentle meditation. You can take this at your own pace, as your morning or evening meditation. Let’s begin here:

  • From a comfortable seat, take any small movements to start: moving your head yes and no, shrug the shoulders or leaning the whole body from one side to the other. And then settle into stillness, sitting tall, the shoulders relaxed and chin ever so slightly tucked.

  • Tune into your natural breath through the nose, observing the journey of your inhale and exhale. A seamless motion from one to the other.

  • Start to elongate the inhale and exhale equally, building gently with each. Sending the inhale to the pit of the belly, expanding through all sides of the ribcage and chest. Continue with this for 10 rounds of breath.

  • Take your mind’s eye to your belly, the expansion and release. Stay here for a few rounds, tuning into the breath as energy.

  • Surrender to the sensations that arise, as you gently walk your attention up the body to the heart space. Let the inhale spread across the chest and create space. Continue for 5 - 10 rounds.

  • As it grows from the heart, visualise the breath, the energy, expanding and beating down your legs to the toes, arms to the fingertips and from your neck to the crown of your head. Stay here for a moment longer.

  • When you’re ready, take the hands up over head, mindfully feeling into the space around you, noticing the temperature on your skin. Taking your hands in prayer at the heart. Blink open your eyes.

    Thank you for sharing in this practice.

Sian Pascale