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Every month we align with the powerful energy that a Full Moon brings by holding an all-encompassing yoga practice. Together we explore with the vibration of the Full Moon and understand how it's astrological position may be affecting our lives. Through the practice of specific breath exercises, mantra, yoga postures, and meditations, we align and attune ourselves to this energy, tapping into the more subtle aspects of our minds, bodies and our yoga practice. Our Full Moon Yoga Practice gives our tribe a moment within their month to reflect on what has come to fruition since the New Moon and also the opportunity for deep release.

Every month the style and intensity of our practice changes, depending on the moon and the sun’s astrological position. Together we discover and align ourselves with the energy of the Full Moon through:

  • Powerful pranayama

  • Movement to soulful music

  • Expansive meditations

  • Chakra balancing

  • Soundscape journey

  • Fire and Water Ceremonies

  • Kundalini Kriya

  • Healing through chanting

  • Yoga nidra

Much more than a standard yoga workshop, expect to shift energy, have deep release, create new openings and be part of a group of conscious individuals. You’re welcome to join us afterwards for tea, chai, treats, connection, chats and fun! These practices are open to all levels.

The Full Moon also represents a beautiful time for release as, in the following days, it begins to wane and diminish. We can use this as an opportunity to let go through fire and water ceremonies, body movements and mantra, all that no longer serves you- toxic relationships, negative thoughts, situations that create suffering and emotional burdens that you no longer need to carry.


“I was so surprised at how much the practice shifted my energy and completely changed the way I felt. After one session I was truly hooked -  I have been to pretty much every Full Moon session since then and a couple of Sian’s other workshops as well, because I know the time I am giving these practices and myself is so valuable and gives me so much back! The energy that Sian creates in the room and that the other attendees’ bring is so magical, and I truly feel like I am walking on air after leaving her sessions. I have never felt so spiritually in tune and in the flow of life, and Sian’s practices have played a massive part in giving me this incredible gift.” Simone