events and festivals allow people to come together to fully experience the benefits of yoga in a vibrant community setting.  

Each year we hold a mass meditation and yoga event called 'A Space For Connection'. These events have attracted over 750 participants to the beautiful surroundings of St Kilda’s parks events with the aim of creating a space where people can connect to each other, themselves and the natural world. Our fun and light filled practises raise money for different charities and create community by bringing together like minded people through yoga and meditation. These classes were the beginning of a beautiful community of conscious souls which we now like to think of as The Light Collective. 

Sian is able to guide people through an unforgettable yoga experience at events and festivals. This can be personalised to the specific needs of the event and can involve any of her teachings.

This can be anything from: 

  • yoga festivals
  • corporate events
  • marriage ceremonies
  • sacred celebrations
  • mass meditations
  • group yoga workshops
  • wellness days