divine feminine



held every 4-6 months, These workshops have been held in the UK, PARIS and Australia

The sacred and ancient Shakti practices were kept secret for hundreds of years- even still there is mystery surrounding them- but creating connection and understanding of the Divine Feminine can be a part of all of our lives in the simplest of ways. The feminine force is both soft and empowering, intuitive and creative, dark and nurturing. In these practices we connect to our Divine Feminine wisdom, our Shakti power, allowing us to nourish ourselves deeply.

Held every 4-6 months, across the world, each Divine Feminine Urban Retreat is different. Some sessions we learn how to tap into different aspects of the yogic Goddesses like Lakshmi, Kali, Saraswati, and Durga. Other sessions we go dive deep into Tantric Sacred Shakti practices. Each Divine Feminine allows you the time, space and support to uncover all that is sacred and spiritual within us and connect with the energy of the Universe known as Shakti.

Through a combination of movement and yoga, pranayama, meditation and chanting, together with the telling of stories and sharing circles we can begin to understand a concept that is vast and expansive- going far beyond what our culture has prescribed as being 'female' or 'feminine.' These practices are all open to anyone (male or female) who are interested in understanding Shakti/ the Divine Feminine and how it is recognized in the world around us and in ourselves.


The students who participate in these sessions are a mix of ages and are all at different stages of their lives and their yoga practices. Some classes are for the whole day, others for the weekend, and some just for the morning. Each practice is different but can include:

  • Yoga and energy practices that connect you to the different aspects of the Divine Feminine

  • Theory and the Sharing of ancient stories and myths on the Goddesses and the Divine Feminine

  • Guided meditations, Yoga Nidra and relaxation

  • Crystal bowl and sound healing

  • Sharing circles and sacred space

  • Journaling and reflection

  • Chanting of Goddess Bija Mantra and Kirtan

  • Delicious and healthy breakfast spread or lunch

  • Goodie bags filled with, well, goodies.