one on one sessions

Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Classes are the best way to connect with your yoga teacher and understand your own practise with more depth. Sian Pascale creates a one on one yoga class experience that is built around your needs. It can include anything from:

  • How to create or develop your home practise,
  • Alignment in yoga postures,
  • Yin yoga and relaxation techniques
  • Pranayama and breath work,
  • Saging and energetic cleansing,
  • Crystal bowls and sound immersion,
  • Chanting,
  • Yoga Nidra, meditation, astral work
  • Yogic philosophy.

Feel free to discuss your needs with her via email, or book an appointment now.


Just like a private class, but with the support of a few other students around you! These boutique, intimate group classes grew organically out of a need from our students to have a yoga class where they received more attention and personal teacher contact. Sometimes it can feel in a yoga class you are lost in the crowd- with our Small Group Classes you can feel personally taken care of, These classes will recommence in February 2018


Meditation Courses 

We all know how challenging it can be to sit down and meditate with a still mind. Even thousands of years ago, before full time jobs and mobile phones, the ancient yogis knew how difficult it could be. So they created a series of practises that allowed meditation to become an effortless and joyous process. In our meditation classes you will experience how simple body movements, relaxation breath exercises and guided visualisations can bring you into a state of pure peace and stillness that is effortless. These are methods you will be able to use in your everyday life to de-stress and love life more! Our classes are suitable for everyone, from those who are new to meditation, to even the more experienced meditator.

Stay Tuned for our next Meditation Course.


A Space For Connection - Community Event for Charity

These free yoga and meditation events brought together over 500 participants to the beautiful surroundings of St Kilda’s parks. These fun and light filled practises raised money for charity and brought together like minded people through yoga and meditation. By using postures, breathwork and meditation, our aim was to create A Space for Connection- to connect people to each other, to themselves and to the beauty of nature. These classes were the beginning of a beautiful community of conscious souls which we now like to think of as The Light Collective.

Our next free mass yoga event will be February 4th 2018.

Free Yoga Event 2017

Corporate Meditation and Yoga Classes

The Light Collective understand the benefits that meditation and yoga classes can bring to people working in the corporate environment. Meditation and yoga practises:

  • improve staff stress levels and efficiency, 
  • encourage innovation,
  • awaken leadership qualities,
  • help with staff retention.

The practises we offer come from a training in an Indian lineage that fuses intelligent philosophical discourse with healthy habits to create a happier, more content work environment.