The internal calm and stillness that comes from silence is something we don’t often experience in our busy lives. In this very special retreat we will be exploring both sound and silence through yoga and meditation.

Through the practises of yoga, pranayama (healing breathwork), chanting and guided meditations, we will be working towards a day of silence. By exploring silence in a way that is gentle and guided, it allows us to get in touch with ourselves, find clarity in our lives and a tranquility and calm to unfold from within. Our yoga practises will guide you towards using this spaciousness to cultivate a sense of love, truth, balance, patience and generosity within yourself.

This is an immersive week long retreat, that brings together beautiful people to practise yoga in a way that will not only brings a sense of calm, but also will lift and shift your energy and bring you health and vitality. It is open to all levels and will invites you to dive in to a new way of living- a rhythm of yogic simplicity and community life that is found in this very special place- the Gedong Gandhi Ashram- where we stay. Each day has been designed to bring a sense of lightness and calm to your being, guiding you towards and out of silence in a way that is profound and insightful.


About Gedong Gandhi Ashram

The ashram is a space dedicated to a life of simplicity, sustainability and service to the community. All of the proceeds from the accommodation there and the yoga retreats go towards supporting the edication of the ashrams young residents. These residents have often come from disadvantage local communities and the ashram provides them a safe space where they are housed, clothed, fed and educated. These young residents are the life of the ashram and create the beautiful rhythm there- of early rising, prayers and self sufficient living. It’s a beautiful thing to know that you are supporting this. Yoga retreats and the ashram.

As practitioners on this yoga retreat, our classes fit into the daily rhythm of this peaceful ashram environment. So while we are practising, life in the ashram goes on! Cows moo and wander around, children play at the kindergarten, coconuts are picked and dropped from great heights and the ocean often roars in the background. The shala we practise yoga in, has no walls and faces the ocean and is open to the ashram life. Our timetable fits around the meals and prayer times in the ashram, meaning that we can share this experience with the beautiful Balinese ashram residents and really become immersed in what it means to be part of ashram life.

The Light Collective Retreats
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The Light Collective Retreats
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Accommodation, food and simple living

Life in the ashram is simple. The bungalows all sit within the pristine manicured gardens (together with the wandering cows:) They are sparse and clean and mosquito nets and bedding are provided. Several of the bungalows overlook the ocean and you can hear the waves from across the ashram. Showers are cold but the weather is hot! Hot water is provided several times a day so you are able to take a bucket bath. Each bungalow has a decking and a hammock and they are the perfect place to rest, read and journal in. Wifi is only around the main building so you have the opportunity to detox for most of the day from your phone and drop in to this beautiful, simple, connected, yogic way of living. The food is all delicious and home cooked by the residents of the ashram. It is primarily vegetarian, but when local fish is caught it is also part of some of the meals. Being part of ashram life means following a few rules- dressing modestly, (bathers only at the beach) refraining from consuming alcohol or smoking on and around their grounds. Also unmarried couples cannot share bungalows, but there is lovely accommodation next door also.