Experiencing, understanding and opening the 7 chakras of the body through the practice of energetic yoga.

This 2 day course allows you to understand and feel the 7 energetic centres of the body known as the chakras, so that you can clear, unblock and bring their wisdom into your every day life and personal yoga practice.

We will explore each of the 7 chakras through an embodiment yoga practice of asana, pranayama and meditation, as well as through short theory lectures, journaling and discussion. This workshop is about you learning to actually feel and experience the energy centres, rather than them being just an idea or theory. It offers you techniques and tools that you can take with you so that you can learn to balance yourself energetically- whenever you need to.

Who is this for:

- Any practitioner of yoga interested in working with their energy
- Open to all levels of experience.

Each session includes a practice designed to immerse you in the energetic state associated with the specific energetic centre we are working on. We also spend time discussing, journalling and going over ways to balance and clear the chakra in your daily life.


”This year has been nurtured by the inspiring teachings of Sian Pascale. I first attended the Chakra workshop. The course fused physical practice with theory, allowing everyone in the group to feel into their own body and articulate that teaching with others. It was remarkable the connection and trust shared within the group after only two days under Sian's guidance. 
My experience on the Chakra workshop spurred me to take part in the Soulful Practice. These three days were truly moving and highly informative. I will be forever grateful for these teachings and the direction they have given me to delve deeper with pranayama, mantra and meditation. Combined these trainings have provided a holistic toolkit for further learning and exploration on and off the mat. Thank you, Sian!” -